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Player Ratings: Atalanta 0-1 Milan

Milan Soccer rates the players on show

Atalanta 0-1 Milan
Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia
Bergamo, Italia 9:00am est

AC Milan Player Ratings

Player Actions Rating
Abbiati +stop cross -yellow 6
Abate -cross -FK 5
Mexes +block and clearance, +long pass +stop run -yellow 7
Zapata -defending -asleep 5
Constant -giveaways, -cross, +run at defender win corner -tackle 5.5
Flamini -foul +driven shot saved for corner 6
Montolivo -cross -shot -pass/foul -tackle -yellow 4.5
Boateng -flailed shot, +give n go wall, -release of EL S, +ball recovered -release pass -layoff -touch +control +ball won +danger +foul won to relieve pressure 7
Niang +run +nutmeg -blocked cross -flat footed ++Assist +danger cross +control +shot on target +pass (feet and fouled) +pace/control +cross +feet (foul) +control 7.5
Pazzini -yellow before corner +defending +foul won to earn RED 6
El Shaarawy -turnover on break, +give and go, -cross, -giveaway ++GOAL -turnover costs break +cross 6.5
Robinho on 84′ for El S N/A
Traore on for Niang 89′ N/A

Atalanta Player Ratings

Player Actions Rating
Consigli -yellow 5.5
Cristian Raimondi +header on goal +force El S out -yellow before corner 6.5
Stendardo -foul 6
Canini -defending -asleep 5
Brivio –yellow and danger -yellow –RED 1
Carmona -foul -yellow for simulation in box 4
Cigarini -foul 5.5
Biondini +release +touch/cross +break/foul -yellow 6.5
Bonaventura anonymous 5
Parra nothing 5
Denis +pass +cross 5.5
Ferri subbed off with injury on 24′ N/A
Carlos Matheu on for Denis on 61′ 4

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