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Nocerino the Heir to Gattuso

After the final day of Serie A action, AC Milan midfielder Antonio Nocerino spoke beautifully about his club and the departing players.

Source: MilanNews.it

“Today was their day. A party a great day for everyone. They deserve this and much more. We were lucky enough to have them as our maestros but they can’t be replaced. You can’t create players like them, monumental, irreplaceable. It was incredible to have got to know them as men, I have a good relationship with all of them and I’ll miss them. I’ve been here a year and I feel close to all of them. It’s a real joy to see the stadium salute them like this. The fans, the club and the team have always been one single entity and we have to start again from that. I’ve won nothing and next season we’ll be playing to win and to keep the club colors flying high. These players are leaving without celebrating the title that they deserve. Rino is one of a kind and you won’t find another player like him both on and off the pitch. I was lucky enough to have met him and maybe I can take something from that. It doesn’t worry me to be seen as his heir. It’s an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as such a football monument. You can only hope to learn something from him. I want to take this chance to thank him for giving me the chance to do well and to be a part of this family and I hope to be able to do 1% of what these players have done. They do more than talk and that’s another reason why they’re great.”


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