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Urby Emanuelson Missing Euro 2012

Urby Emanuelson made the original Netherlands roster to compete in Euro 2012.

On Tuesday, nine players were dropped from the Dutch national team and Urby was one of them, much to his surprise. Speaking to NUSport, Emanuelson had the following to say,””I haven’t been informed of the reason yet. I really don’t know what to say now, except that I’m very disappointed. As far as I know, I was supposed to make an appearance on Thursday, but all of a sudden I found out on Tuesday that I’m no longer part of the squad.”

Urby later added,””I thought that I was heading in the right direction and was really looking forward to the finals. It would have been my first big tournament. Missing out is a huge blow.”

Emanuelson has 15 caps for the Oranje. He last featured for the Dutchies in a 3-2 win over England three months ago.


One comment on “Urby Emanuelson Missing Euro 2012

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