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Galliani “The End of an Era”

Interviewed after the final round of Serie A, Adriano Galliani had this to say…

Source: FootballPress.net

“We’ll miss these extraordinary champions, men who kept the changing room the way it should be, good men. The end of an era. Milan is a club that loves its players and it’s always mutual. I don’t mean only the ones who have been here for a decade but also who, like Mark Van Bommel has only been here a year and a half. Rino Gattuso’s choice should be respected; it was him that wanted to leave. I tried to convince him. It would seem to be a definitive decision, but we have an excellent relationship and we’ll see. The players that are leaving are doing so because they think it’s the end of an era or because they want to play in a less demanding league. That’s the situation today, but there’s no certainty over tomorrow.

It was a competitive season. The club goes from winning to not winning, the adversaries change but we’re always there. Since Allegri’s arrival, even if it’s criticized, we have 20 points over third place. I don’t want to talk about the league as today, emotions prevail over reason. Much of the merit for all that the club has done is down to the strength, determination and concentration of Pippo Inzaghi. He’s incredibly professional. Much of the merit is his, and then of course what the president and I were able to do, we did. If Nesta hadn’t come to the club, I don’t think we would have won a Champions League title. For me the best thing was knocking out Inter in the semi-final and then Juventus in the final.”

Gattuso made his decision, he said he’s leaving and he said it with love and that’s the way it goes. Now we have to meet the players out of contract one by one. I think Allegri was a good choice and I hope that the next two seasons will be as good as the last two. It’ll be a good summer….”


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